Breast Clinic Frequently asked questions

Where is the clinic situated?

The specialist breast clinic is on the Groote Schuur Hospital grounds in the main outpatient building. The clinic is on the G floor but you must report to reception on E floor before proceeding to the clinic.


Do I need a referral letter to the clinic?

Yes. You need to be referred and present at the clinic with a referral letter.


Can I make an appointment at the clinic

No, your referring doctor / health care worker must make the appointment for you.


What time does the breast clinic start?

Doctors will start attending to patients from 08h00. Usually they go to the clinic after they have done their ward rounds in the hospital.


What time do I need to come to the clinic?

Patients start arriving from as early as 06h00. Some come even earlier. We would advise that you arrive at the hospital no later than 07h00. The clinic work on a first come first serve basis.


How many patients are seen in the clinic?

Because of COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing we can only see 50 patients a week at the breast clinic. Make sure you have a booking otherwise you might not be seen.


Ask your doctor to make an appointment at our clinic for you


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